Kenya's celebrated photographer lands lucrative deal with P&G Kenya

When Khateli welcomed his bundle of joy, through multiple photos of hands, feet and hair, he shared his joy with the rest of the world, something, Procter & Gamble seem to have noticed.

Every parent of a newborn baby knows that the one item after Milk which must always be available in the house is Pampers and the parents of Baby Malao, Michael Khateli and Nakatetya Khateli are no different.

Pampers however do not come cheap and parents have to dig deep into the pockets to afford the item sometimes even forgoing other necessities just to afford it.

However, for the next one month, Kenya’s celebrated Photographer who is also a new dad will rest easy and not worry about Pampers.

This is because Baby Malao will be given free Premium Care Pampers courtesy of Procter & Gamble Kenya, after securing an endorsement deal from the makers of Pampers.

“I was called on Saturday by P&G Kenya to go for Baby Milestone and Parenting Event and also get a touch and feel of the new Pampers premium care and after the training we were selected” Khateli told Business Insider SSA.

Procter & Gamble is set to officially launch the NEW Pampers Premium Care#PampersHelloComfort which is currently only available overseas to the Kenyan Market in January 2018.

Unlike what is currently in the market, New Pampers Premium Care comes with three absorbing channels and are super absorbent, do not sag, have a wet indicator and have fun patterns on them.

Mr. Khateli who started his trade through Boudoir Photography which until his entry was an alien concept in Kenya has grown to become one of the most sought after photographers in the country gracing state and national events.

His viral photos have broken the Internet and earned him accolades to no ends.

When Khateli welcomed his bundle of joy, despite critiques asking him to not share photos of his baby online, there was no stopping him and through multiple photos of hands, feet and hair, Khateli shared his joy with the rest of the world, something, Procter & Gamble seem to have noticed.

“ I remember when I first took photos of my Baby hands and shared them online people told me to stop it but I have always wanted  to document my baby progress for posterity and one thing I have always dreamt about is by getting my baby to endorse products and my efforts seems to have borne fruits, I am very excited and happy for him ts a dream come true"

Babies between the ages of 0-24months were eligible for the promotion and apart from Khateli other lucky parents who landed the lucrative deal which also comes with a tidy sum are Anabel Anyango and Terry Anne Chebet.

“Our role is basically to create awareness of the product after trying out the product and engage and build a community of pampers brand advocates amongst our fans by sharing the product story with the rest of the country before the launch“

P&G contracted the three lucky parents due to their credibility and popularity  to try out the product on a one month trial basis after which it would review the reception and extend the contract.

“For Parents out there with newborns  baby my advice to them is they should look out for the New Pampers Premium Care because it is really of high quality, it is smaller in size so it does not sag and has a wet indicator so parents don't need to worry about when to change the diapers"


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