Kenya's celebrated photographer shares tips on how to beautifully create photo album for your wall

A lot of great photos has to do with the location, a great photo can look dull and boring if placed on a wrong location while even an average photo can appear stunning when correctly placed.

Michael Khateli is one of Kenya’s most sought after photographer and has managed to capture memories of some of the most iconic figures by freezing time at some of Kenya’s high profile social, corporate and state events.

Most of his photos have gone viral, some are hanged on huge billboards across the country, the man is talented and the minute he handles a camera his hands and camera become one.

Therefore it is not  hard to understand why when it came to the art of creating the perfect photo album for your wall, Business Insider SSA didn’t go far, it directly sought the advice from the horses mouth during a recent interview.

Most Kenyans homes photos are littered sometimes haphazardly with photos that have no symmetrical flow or beauty in their attempt to turn their houses into perfect paradise.

It shouldn't be that hard however and one doesn’t need to be an expert in interior design or possess maestro camera skills to rival Khateli’s to pull it off.

Picture your wall like a canvas to paint your picture arrangement on, a piece of canvas waiting to be brought to life by a beautiful set of well thought out photos.

Anyway before the art of arranging photos is unpacked, for the first time ever, Michael decided to give us a sneak peek inside his humble abode located at Langata,Nairobi.

“When you get in the first photo you see is photos of my wedding because they are really huge, they virtually look like the whole wall since they have covered the whole wall, one is A2 and then two are A3 A3 all pinned in one wall.  And then on one wall are photos of our parents, photo of my mum and dad, my father and mother in-law followed by of my siblings, photo of my brothers and their wives.”

Remember as well to leave some breathing space between arrangements; wall space with nothing on it is just as important as wall space with.

Resist the urge to hang it all.

Most Kenyan homes are either one, two or three bedroom so one should carefully arranged different photos at different rooms to bring out different themes depending on the purpose of that room.

The sitting room which guests can access can be decorated with general photos that guests can also relate, the Kitchen or an office can be surrounded with pictures which excite, which shows creativity and productivity, photos to inspire you as you churn that delicious meal or work project and the bedroom can be covered with intimate photos of you and you loved ones that bring out fold memories of love calmness, crucial for relaxing your mind ready for sleep

“Then where I work there is photo of my wife, then there is a section where there is a drawing of me and wife and in my bedroom there is boudoir photo of my wife, she was actually my first client and because I also have pets, a few cats an a dog on one wall there is a photo of my cats.”

By carefully arranging different photos and choosing what stays in the bedroom, what stays in the sitting room to what stays even the kitchen one is sure to feel differently  every time they enter a different room, thanks to Khateli’s beautiful tour, one can mentally picture his house and feel like they have been there all because of pictures.

“So every room has a photo and there is more coming of the baby” he adds.

So how should one arrange photos in their homes keeping in mind not to create confusion but a perfect reflection of time, memories and life.

“Depending on how much space you have, like for me what I have done is you can put as many photos as you want but it is how you arrange the photos, basically that is it and if you arrange it nicely it won’t look cluttered”

The key is ensuring every wall in your house has a purpose and respecting that purpose, only adding what compliments it rather than try to steal attention from it.

“So for instance if you decide to put photos on one wall let it be photos alone like don’t put photos where you hang the TV you get, every wall should have a specific purpose that way when your eyes looks up it is met with beautiful sights which work in unison rather than fight each other for attention “

Sometimes however, only one single photo is all you need after all they do speak a thousand works without uttering a single word, right?

“But then again they say less is more so maybe you can put one huge photo that shows something which means something to you is also great” Khateli says.


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