How Kenyans got hooked to the bewitching beauty of Mombasa, mouthwatering pilau, pirates beach and intoxicating pombe ya mnazi

For a week the Kenyan coast would be populated with ‘watu wa bara’ (Inland residents) who would let everything loose and forget everything in the spirit of ‘Kula raha Kifo Chaja’

They will never say no to a trip to Mombasa to have fun and enjoy the Sun, Sand, Sea and Sex.

For a week the Kenyan coast would be populated with ‘watu wa bara’ (Inland residents) who would let everything loose and forget everything in the spirit of ‘Kula raha Kifo Chaja’ more specifically You only Live Once (YOLO).

This year is not any different, according to a survey done by online hotel search firm Jumia Travel, the Kenyan Coast is the most sought holiday destination in the country over the Easter holidays which kicked off on Friday.

Hotels in the region which stretches from Diani (Ukunda), Mombasa, Watamu, Malindi to Lamu accommodated 42 per cent of holiday makers, with more than 80 per cent domestic tourists.

White Sandy Beaches

It is easy to see why Kenyans are so hooked to Mombasa, the irresistible beauty of the award winning white sandy beaches is a must see experience.

After toiling non break not to mentioned the crazy Nairobi traffic every day to and from work, this is the perfect way to reward yourself (Kurudishia mwili asante)

You only need to visit Mombasa once and I kid you not, you will sell a kidney, rob a bank and kill to get a chance to escape to Mombasa.

“My favorite destination all time has to be the Kenyan coast, it got to be the south coast or the other extreme end is to go upto Lamu or Kilifi somewhere around there, great white sandy beaches is just the total relaxation”  Sanjiv Shah, RMA Kenya CEO candidly speaks of Mombasa.

Mouthwatering Swahili Cuisine

Caution! Pilau is a drug which should be taken mindfully; ooh Sorry Pilau is a drug which should be taken three times a day, seven days a week, 365 days a year.

Mouthwatering Swahili dishes like Pilau are small favors life gives you for the talking after torturing your taste buds with bald uncooked and tasteless food since the last time your mom cooked for you.

Both locals and foreigners have been known to turn into ‘zombies’ with the first tasting of Pilau, they have gone crazy and fallen in love with this popular dish made and packaged in Mombasa.

And by that I mean the real Pilau not the ones offered in Nairobi where pilau masala is simply added onto overcooked rice and there you have your pilau served and cooked with ‘Nairobi love’

“My favorite meal is Pilau, it is a very beautiful food, it’s very unique and it is something you will never find anywhere in the world that is why I really like it.”  Martin Nielsen, CEO at Mdundo Limited told Business Insider at a previous interview.

Treasure Island teaming with Minerals

For the historical buffs, Mombasa is a treasure waiting to be explored; you would be mesmerized by the rich historical artifacts and Swahili culture.

A walk down Mombasa old town would take you down the memory lane where you would be awed by the rich Swahili, Omani Arabs and Portuguese history.

Guided by an old polite and wise Swahili sage, interesting facts about Mombasa from the time it was ruled by the Sultan of Oman would be unveiled before your eyes.

Historical fact: Do you know between the 15th and 19th centuries, Mombasa saw plenty of war and for this reason; the city was nicknamed Mvita, which in Swahili translates as Isle of War.

Vasco Da Gama pillar, Fort Jesus and Gedi ruins are a must visit sites while you are in Mombasa

Pocket friendly prices ‘Bei ya Jioni’

Economically speaking, thanks to a stable economy and a burgeoning middle class Mombasa does not discriminate anyone, a top CEO working for a blue chip company and a layman working at industrial area all are guaranteed of a time of their life thanks to Mombasa irresistible pocket friendly deals.

Mombasa is populated with three star hotels which take the lead as the most preferred accommodation facilities taking up 34 per cent of all bookings according to the same survey, majority being ordinary Kenyans.

“Being a family holiday, travelers are looking for hotels that balance between amenities, family friendly service and cost…” Jumia country manager (Kenya) Cyrus Onyiego said.

A night at Mtwapa would see you just part about $20 (Ksh2000) for bed and breakfast

In the same breath, Mombasa south coast boosts of five star hotels which offers everything under the sun, from exotic cuisine, UMO gold facial spa treatment to being served breakfast in bed.

Night Life

If you want to experience fun and a time of your life then Mombasa is the place for you after all it is not referred to as 'Mombasa raha' for no apparent reason.

Kenyan coast has one of the most vibrant night life in Kenya, a drop in at clubs like Lambada, Lollipop and Fun Fun will leave you breathless.

At Club Lambada International  for example you would be entertained by a troupe of acrobats, while waiting for your sizzling Nyama Choma. The DJ at the far corner would have you on your feet at no time and after shaking down a leg you would then dive into the in house swimming pool to cool down, before the whole process repeat itself again and again.

Polite Swahili folks, Kahawa tungu and Pombe ya Mnazi

It is a fact that the Kenyan coast has one of the most polite people in all of the country, after enduring all manner of insults in the 'big bad Nairobi'  you would be surprised how well you will feel right at home in Mombasa with Swahili folks regaling you with rib tickling tales of life and the essence of youth while sipping Kahawa tungu/chungu.

Under a coconut tree you would forget all your sorrows as you sip fresh traditional beer ‘Pombe ya Mnazi’. For three days you would master the local lingo of ordering sorry requesting your Dabali  (One litre traditional beer) complete with Mrija (bamboo stick Staw) from mama safina.


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