Mombasa raha: 10 fun and memorable activities you can indulge in at the Kenyan coast

The Kenyan coast is one destination you definitely need to add on your bucket list.

It has one of the most beautiful coast line in the world, boost some of the most breath taking sights, it teems with life night and day but above all has some of the most friendly and polite people.

Here are just some of the fun activities you can indulge in while down in Mombasa, Kwale, Kilifi, Malindi and Lamu Island to make your stay memorable.

This has to be the ultimate experience you need to indulge in while on the Kenyan coast, It is literally the most fun you can have with your pants on.

Skydive Diani offers Tandem Skydives, Fun Jumps and an Accelerated Freefall Course (AFF), also known as jump school. It is the first skydiving operation to offer this service in Kenya, to both locals and international tourists, all at friendly rates.

The Cabinet Secretary of Tourism, Najib Balala could not even resist it and last year took off to the skies for the most thrilling drop of his life.

Skydive Diani, is located at the coastal town of Ukunda, Baobab House, Ali Barbours Rd and is open for business 7 days a week.

Scuba diving on the coast of Kenya is certainly a once-in-a-lifetime marine-safari holiday you owe it to yourself.

Plunge below the surface and you will discover a new kind of safari, the world’s finest scuba safari.

Kenyan coast is one of the greatest dive locations in the world and offers several dive locations that meet every diver’s wish list.

The Kenyan barrier reef is also the second longest reef in the world, covering a distance of more than 140 miles from Shimoni to Malindi.

Diving in Kenya is generally good all year round and the weather is consistently warm and sunny, with an excellent balmy water temperature that makes for ideal dive conditions.

Some of the world class dive sites you can check out the next time you are in Coast is, Watamu Marine National Park, Mtwapa and Barracuda Reef and Kisiite Mpunguti Marine Reserve to mentioned but just a few.

Visiting Coast is never complete until you have walked on its world famous white sandy beaches.

Diani Beach in Kwale County was voted the seventh best beach in Africa in 2017 by Tripadvisor and words coupled with even the best imagination can never do justice to Diani.

There are several beaches scattered across the Kenyan Coast from Nyali, Bamburi, Pirates, Watamu and Diani to mention but a few.

You can get a chance to swim with dolphins at Wasini Island.

Wasini Island lies off the southern Indian Ocean coast of Kenya next to Shimoni and it is approximately 5km long and 1km across.

There are several companies which offer trips from Diani to Wasini Island; Wasini Dhow, Charlly´s claws, Pilli Pipa Paradise Divers among others.

All one needs to do is book with any of the listed companies 48 hours prior to the sailing date, and then await to be amazed by Kenya’s marine-life directly beneath your feet all the way from a glass-bottomed boat, enjoy an excellent seafood lunch, and then a historical tour around Wasini fishing village.

And the cherry on the pie is you can also spend a romantic night at Wasini island.

The Kenyan coast is the hotpot of Swahili culture.

You will be woken up the smell of Mahambri, mbaazi, and Viazi vya Karai (boiled potatoes coated in a yellow-coloured flour batter and then deep friend) as soft and sweet melodies of Taarab music play in the background.

After finishing your sumptuous Swahili breakfast, you can venture out to sample Swahili art scene and lose yourself to Swahili meticulous beauty regimen before later going out for a beach walk with a Leso or kikoi (a colourful cotton fabric about 1.5 m by 1 m worn by women) tightly wrapped around your waist.

Once dusk approaches, popular kahawa tungu/chungu (Bitter coffee) will be served hot and full of spices of your choice.

It is not Swahili culture alone which you can, however, indulge in, the Kenyan coast also boosts of many other ingenious cultures like the Mijikenda, and Pokomo all which promise to transport you on a cultural expedition you will never forget.

Wind surfing and kite surfing are some of the fantastic water sports you can try out while in the Kenyan coast.

From dawn to dusk you can surf at the blue waters of Indian Ocean.

History buffs will enjoy every minute of their stay at the Kenyan coast.

Kenya is endowed with rich historical sites that also double up as top tourist destinations.

Rich historical germs are spawned across Mombasa to Lamu County and some of the most popular historical sites are Mombasa Old town, Fort Jesus, Gedi ruins, Vasco Dacama pillar, Lamunarrow streets,Bombolulu workshop and Swahili architecture to mention but a few.

Kenyan coast has one of the most diverse species of flora and fauna.

As a result, several nature conservancies dot the Kenyan coast, you can go for nature walks at Bamburi nature trails located inside Haller Park which boasts of several species of animals from Nile crocodiles, hippos to giraffes.

The Shimba Hills National Reserve, a small National Reserve is also located just 33 km from Mombasa and hosts the highest density of African elephant in Kenya.

Over 50% of the 159 rare plants in Kenya are also found here, including some endangered species of cycad and orchids.

The Kenyan coast comes out alive at night and you need to experience it.

Almost everybody in Mombasa seems to be in a good mood at night, add that to the several makuti thatched clubs playing a mixture of both Swahili and modern urban hits and you have yourself a memorable night.

Some of the popular clubs you should definitely try out is Forty Thieves Beach Bar & Bistro located in Ukunda where you can party until dawn close to the beach.

The coastal weather is warm and so you can venture out even with a tiny vest without worrying about feeling cold, the cool breeze of Indian Ocean is also a welcome delight.

Once you venture out at night will you understand the true meaning of 'Mombasa raha'

Kenyan coast is literary the only place in the country where you can go and do nothing at all the whole day without getting bored.

you can wake up late, go and laze around at the beach enjoying the cool breeze, simply gaze at the endless blue ocean the whole day without getting tired.

Should you get thirsty, madafu (Coconut water) is in plenty and if you need something stronger pombe wa mnazi (palm wine) never runs out of stock in Kenyan coast.


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