Lifestyle Parents take 30-year-old son to court after he refuses to move out

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The couple says he doesn't help out with house chores as well as contributing to the family's expenses

play The home near Syracuse, New York that is at the centre of the family dispute (Google Maps)

A couple in New York is moving to court to force their 30-year-old son out of the house.

Christina and Mark Rotondo say they’ve been trying to get their son, Michael Rotondo, to leave their home for several months but to no avail.

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The couple has even given him several written notices to leave the property but Rotondo argues that legally, he was not given enough notice to leave.

Court filings allege Rotondo doesn't contribute to the family's expenses and doesn't help out with chores around the house.

Five notices

His parents have given him five written notices over the past few months telling him he needs to leave. They've even offered $1,100 to hep him get started on his own.

On seeing that the notices failed to inspire action, Mr and Mrs Rotondo went to their local town court in April to see if they could evict their son.

They were however told they would need a Supreme Court justice to officially send him packing since Michael is a family member.

Michael has called his parents' lawsuit "retaliatory" and has asked the court to toss out the request.

The family will take their case to the Supreme Court later this month - some weeks ahead of Michael's 31st birthday.