This 93 year old left Italy and flew all the way to Kenya to work at an orphanage

On Monday, Irma began her journey to Kenya not to sunbathe at the seventh best beach in Africa but to volunteer at a children orphanage.

Nonna Irma, a 93-year-old grandmother from Noventa Vicentina in Veneto, Italy, is proving age is just but a number and one is never too old to lend a helping hand.

On Monday, Irma left the comfort of Italy and began her journey to Kenya not to enjoy the country’s incredible beauty, sunbathe at the seventh best beach in Africa as voted by TripAdvisor nor visit world famous Maasai Mara but to volunteer at an children orphanage.

Elisa Coltro, her granddaughter took to social media and wrote a post about her grandmother’s inspiring story with photos sent from her mother, who is accompanying Irma on her journey.

Coming at a time when the world is rocked by wars and countries are building walls to keep immigrants out, the story especially struck a chord with netizens and within minutes the heartwarming story had gone viral and shared over 20,317 times, with some Italian online newspapers even airing it.

Business insider Sub Saharan Africa spoke to Elisa Coltro who revealed her grandma will be volunteering at Ongata-Rongai Fatima Hospital for three weeks and said she looks up to her grandma for inspiration.

"My grand ma is a tenacious woman who never gets tired doing good, she is definitely my point of reference. I look up to her whenever I come across problems in life, once I think about her my worries magically disappears because my problems seem so easy to overcome. Perhaps living a life of poverty helps one to look at life with a true spirit of sensitivity and mercy which at the moment is very rare.”

Irma was widowed at the young age of 26 and was with three children but lost her three year old daughter the same year her husband died.

She spent the rest of her life full of poverty and sacrifices working hard to raise her two children.

Nonna Irma has dedicated her life to helping those in need and from what it looks like she would be doing that until she breaths her last.


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