Kenyan government to ban use of plastic straws in on-going efforts to curb plastic pollution

Kenyans have been asked to train themselves to drink directly from glasses or bottles.

Enivornment PS Charles Sunkuli on Wednesday said the decision would be gazetted soon and encouraged Kenyans to train themselves to drink directly from glasses, bottles or packets.

"Our goal is to ensure we reduce the use of plastics in Kenya as they are a major source of pollution," he said.

Plastic straws are usually given in shops and supermarkets to customers buying milk and soda.

The government has so far been very successful in the ban of plastic bags in Kenya. The PS said they had recorded a success rate of 80 per cent.

However, according to Sunkuli, the government is still facing some challenges even as it strives to have a total plastic ban.

Kenya imposed the world's toughest law against plastic bags in August last year. A Kenya Gazette notice signed by Environment cabinet secretary Judi Wakhungu outlawed the manufacture, import, sale or use of plastic carrier bags in the country.


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