Samsung has released the Galaxy Fold and its price can get you a house and a fancy car

The price for this unique smartphone starts at $1,980 (N717,000).

Samsung's new Galaxy Fold is worth N717K which is enough for you to buy a car (

Samsung held a launch event in Lagos state on February 20, 2019, for the unveiling of its new five phones. These included four Samsung Galaxy S10 variants - S10e, S10, S10+ and S10 5G.

The main highlight was the Samsung Galaxy Fold. Techcrunch describes it as "a 7.3-inch (4.2:3) tablet that can fold into a 4.6-inch smartphone or a 4.6-inch (21:9) smartphone that can unfold into a 7.3-inch tablet."

Apart from its astounding ability to fold, it comes with a hefty price tag - $1,980 (approximately N717,000).

Obviously, not everyone can afford this. So, we come up with a list of seven alternative things you can do with this money.

A fairly used car

We checked OLX (an online marketplace) and these are all the used cars you can buy with this money:

  • Passat - N700,000
  • Toyota Camry - N650,000
  • Toyota Avensis - N550,000
  • Toyota Matrix - N500,000
  • Land Rover Jeep - N500,000
  • Nissan Xterra 2002 model - N500,000
  • Toyota Corolla - N385,000

On Carnotautomart (another online marketplace)

  • Toyota Picnic - N500,000
  • Silver Honda Accord 2004 model - N450,000
  • Volkswagen Golf 4 - N350,000

Rent a house in an expensive area in Lagos state

For this amount, you can get a great place at Jakande, Thomas estate, Igbo-Effon, other parts of the Island and Mainland.

Buy land

According to Private Property, a real estate site, a plot of land in Ibeju-Lekki goes from N500,000 to N700,000. You can get something cheaper in your own hometown.

Get a really great phone

You don't have to spend N717k to get a high-end phone. The S10e, one of the newly released four Samsung Galaxy S10 variants, goes for $750 (N271k).

If that's still too high for you, you can get cheaper but fully functional one for as low as N100k.

Get married

Anyone that can buy a phone worth N717k can definitely afford to get married.

Start a small business

With this amount, you can afford to start selling some clothes, shoes, handbags or whatever small business idea you have. If N717k is too small for what you have in mind, then you can get a loan for more money.

Relocate to Canada

Following the postponement of the elections last week, Canada became the number one country to relocate to. If this is your dream, then you can use this money to finally migrate there.

As estimated by travel blogger Funmi Oyatogun, you will need N75,000 to register for the language test. N83,000 to prepare your documents for WES evaluation then N282,600 to apply for Permanent Residency. This will help you start the application process.


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