Do you hate your job? This is why you are afraid of quitting

Do you hate going to job every single morning?

Do you hate your job? You are not alone.

Does your daily job comprise of miserable mornings, brutal commutes, long hours of work, jerky bosses or even nosy work-mates? Well,here's the thing, many of us find ourselves doing jobs we are not even good at.

We moan and groan about a job we do just to make ends meet. But why stay at that job if you can simply quit?

The answer is simple-Change is scary. You hate your job but you are scared to quit. And there are a number of reasons to justify why many people are somewhat contented with their jobs, even if it's one that truly makes them miserable.

Here are a number of them:

1. Unsure of what the future holds

The number one fear is that of the unknown. People are scared to abandon their jobs simply because they are unsure whether they will secure that job they are passionately looking for.

2. Bills

People will delay making the bold steps because they have bills to take care of at the end of the month.

3. Children and family responsibilities

Many parents have stayed in jobs they hate by the mere fact that they have children who need to be fed and taken to school.

At the same time, others obligated to take care of their parents and family members will hold on to their jobs in order to fulfil this responsibility.

4. Afraid of being broke

Once you are used to getting a pay cheque at the end of the every month, people become skeptical about quitting their job so that this luxury is not taken away from them.

5. Low self-esteem

A low self-esteem is a lethal factor to anyone wanting to make a bold decision such as quitting their job.

Low self-esteem will tell you that you are not good enough to get a better job than the one you have.

6. Loyalty to your current employee

Some people are trapped in jobs that hate under the false and misguided obligation that 'they need to remain loyal to their employer'.

They feel that they owe their employers this ‘loyalty’ despite the fact that they could be the ones being disadvantaged.


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