The 3 lifestyle changes you need to drop 10 kg before the end of the year

You can drop 10 kilograms before the end of the year if you adopt these three lifestyle changes
  • Every year, many start with hopes of finally losing and keeping the weight off.
  • However, research has shown that four in five people eventually break their resolutions with many not making it past the first month.
  • With the end of the year rapidly approaching, here is how you can finally lose some weight.

We are currently in November, only one month away from the end of the year. This gives you enough to drop some weight and go into 2020 fitter than ever.

Here are 3 lifestyle changes you need to drop 10 kilograms before the end of the year:

  • Practice intermittent fasting

Intermittent Fasting (IF) is essentially focused on fasting for a certain amount of time and eating during a specific window. The most popular kinds of IF schedules are:

  • The 16:8 diet: Eat within eight hours and fast for the rest of the day.
  • The 5:2 diet: Eat for five days a week and fast for two days.
  • The 14:10 diet: Fast for 14 hours and eat during the 10-hour eating window.

Apart from weight loss, a recent study has found that intermittent fasting has numerous health benefits including longevity in heart patients.

“It’s another example of how we’re finding that regular fasting can lead to better health outcomes and longer lives,” said Benjamin Horne, principal investigator of the study.

  • Follow the 80/20 rule

Basically, this means your diet is made of 80% healthy stuff and 20% food that is not so healthy. This flexible approach allows you to eat clean but still indulge occasionally in junk food.

It increases your chances of sticking to a healthy lifestyle, unlike the extremely restrictive diets that are very unrealistic and difficult to maintain.

Health pro Jullian Micheals recommends following the 80/20 rule because “Deprivation and extremes don’t work,” she tells Women’s Health.

In her words, “Make 80 percent of your daily food intake high quality and then let 20 percent be treats. For example, I eat 2000 calories a day on the days I workout. This is because I am in maintenance mode, not weight loss mode. So, 20% of that calorie allowance is 400 calories. Every day I get 400 calories of my favourite treat foods. It could be a glass of wine and a slice of pizza. Or fries with my burger. BUT I don’t have fries, wine, and ice cream on the same day. This way you don’t deprive yourself, but you don’t overdo it.”

  • Take up home workouts

A major reason why people are unable to lose weight is because they either can not find the time or they are simply too busy to go to the gym even after paying the membership fee.

This is why we recommend working out at home. This way, you do not have to pay gym fees, you save the time you would have spent travelling to and from the gym and have the convenience of exercising in your home without having to deal with the fear of people looking at you.

Nowadays, many apps offer relatively cheap plans. You can also take advantage of Youtube which is packed with various exercises.

By adopting these lifestyle changes, you should lose at least 5–10 kilograms before the end of the year.


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