Five countries where celebrating Valentine's Day is banned

The idea of a holiday celebrating romantic relationships is highly controversial in a number of countries

Valentine's Day is celebrated every year on 14th February.

Many people around the worldwide mark the day by exchanging letters and gifts to display their affection to one another.

However, the idea of a holiday celebrating romantic relationships is highly controversial in a number of countries

According to Metro UK, some states have gone as far as to enforce an outright ban on Valentine’s Day, whereas others discourage people from celebrating it by using force or intimidation.

Here are some of them:


It is the second year in a row that Pakistan has banned Valentine's Day since an Islamabad court ruled that the holiday was un-Islamic.

The ruling came after a petition was submitted by citizen Abdul Waheed, who said any kind of promotions on mainstream and social media for Valentine's Day are "against Islamic teachings and should be banned immediately.


While there is no official law against the holiday, some pockets of the country, ruled by hardliners, enforce small-scale bans and employ intimidation tactics.

The country’s contentious relationship with the holiday stems from a ruling by the country’s highest Islamic clerical council in 2012, declaring that Valentine’s was contradictory to Muslim culture and teachings.

Saudi Arabia

In 2008 Saudi Arabia asked florists and gift shops to remove all red items until after Valentine's Day. According to CNN, the Saudi’s termed the celebration of such a holiday a sin.

In 2014 five men were sentenced to 39 years in prison after they were nabbed dancing with six women they weren’t related to on February 14.


The Malaysian Islamic Development Department (JAKIM) has linked the day to decay in morality, youth decadence and negativity.


In Iran, shop owners are not allowed to manufacture, sell or stock any Valentine’s material. Roses or love shaped paraphernalia are prohibited.

Here, Valentine’s is simply seen as a western import.


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