Fox News host Shepard Smith took several minutes out of his program on Wednesday to take aim at President Donald Trumps continued insistence that, despite a complete lack of evidence, millions of people voted illegally.

"The White House has provided no evidence of any kind to back up these claims," Smith said.

"Fox News is not aware of any reliable studies or information that suggests that there is widespread voter fraud anywhere in America."

The Fox News anchor continued: "Individual secretaries of state across the nation oversee elections, most of them happen to be Republican, and every secretary of state in the United States reports there are no widespread voter fraud."

Smith also pointed out that the Pew Research Center study that Trump's team frequently highlights does not actually show any cases of voter fraud, and does not pertain to the 2016 presidential election.

"Again, he has presented no reliable evidence, and neither Fox News, or any other organization of any kind, has presented any evidence of voter fraud," Smith said.

Smith is hardly the first television anchor to take issue with Trump's outlandish claim.

CNN's Jake Tapper delivered a stinging rebuke on his Tuesday show, dubbing Trump's comment a "stunning allegation for which the White House is providing no evidence."

"And there is a reason they are providing no evidence — there is no evidence," Tapper said. "It is not true."