This means that the party will provide free tertiary education for Ghanaians since both primary and secondary education in the country is already free.

Mr Bomfeh Jnr said this while speaking The General Secretary was speaking at the Regional Delegates’ Congress of the party in Bolgatanga in the Upper East Region, where new regional executives were elected.

According to him, the CPP would focus on building a solid human resource base that would be sensitive, responsible and responsive enough to contribute significantly to the sustainable development of the country.

He noted that the CPP would review the educational system to make second cycle institutions part of the free compulsory basic education initiative and make tertiary education with technical and vocational institutions inclusive, free, to help develop the necessary human resource for development.

He added that it was wrong for the government to convert the polytechnics in the country into technical universities explaining that polytechnics had the mandate to train and equip students with technical and vocational skills and to give students the skills significant to national development, so turning them into universities was a deviation from their mandate.

“What you need to do is to enhance the capacities of the faculties, raise the standards for which students are admitted and make sure staff are well taken care of so that they will be able to -offer the best tertiary education that we can have at the university level,” he noted.

Adding that the curricula of polytechnics could be reviewed and raised to the status of universities to offer quality services without necessarily changing the name.

He further attributed the numerous challenges confronting the economy to lack of research and prudent planning, noting that it was only the CPP that had the vision to restore hope in the lives of Ghanaians.