The little-known details about the scene of the plane crash in Kenya

What you didn't know about Elephant Hill, Aberdares

Those are the words of a hiker who has been to the Elephant Hill inside the Aberdare Forest where the FlySax aircraft crashed.

Located on the Southern end of the Aberdare Ranges, about 90km north of Nairobi, Elephant Hill is an ideal location for a day hike especially if you're preparing for the more challenging Mt Kenya or Mt Kilimanjaro climbs.

Hiking at the hill is not for the faint-hearted as depicted by the reviews of those who have taken up the challenge.

"I went on a day hike with my husband to Elephant Hill. We were told it was a beginners level hike and no preparation was required. The fact is that is it very very tough," said Camila L on global online travel advisory website, Trip Advisor.

Lives up to its name

"This is one hike that lives up to its name "ELEPHANT HILL" for an elephant kind of challenge," remarked another reviewer.

The terrain, a hiker noted, is quite tough but there are bamboos to hold on to to avoid sliding down.Temperatures, on the other hand, are at freezing point so heavy clothing is recommended.

While a number of climbers may end up not reaching the peak, they still recommend taking up the challenge owing to the amazing views of the exotic vegetation and wildlife.

The FlySax-operated Cesna C208 craft went missing on Tuesday evening as it headed to Jomo Kenyatta airport in the capital Nairobi.

The plane's wreckage was later discovered on Thursday with all 10 people on board confirmed dead.


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