Kenyans in Saudi Arabia given 90-day ultimatum

Kenyans living in Saudi Arabia without proper documentation have been given 90-day amnesty to leave the country.

File Image of Kenyans

The Kenyan embassy in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia, has urged illegal immigrants to take advantage of the amnesty and return to the country.

"We are optimistic that many Kenyans, majority being house helps who have run away from their employers, will take advantage of the amnesty and leave the kingdom without facing any penalties or legal actions," part of the statement from Kenyan embassy read.

The amnesty applies to those Kenyans:

A.     Who have overstayed in Umrah and Haj, pilgrims without Haj permits

B.     Those who have illegally crossed the border into the country

C.     Residents with expired permits, workers with permits but no Iqama IDs cards and Runaway workers.

The embassy urged Kenyans to comply and ensure they have completed all formalities for their repatriation before the deadline.

“We urge all Kenyans to adhere to the rules and refrain from engaging in acts that will endanger their legal status in the kingdom.

“Those with valid passports will undergo the normal procedures laid out and those who don’t possess passports will be issued with emergency certificates,” the statement adds.

In 2015, over 130 Kenyans were detained in Saudi Arabia over illegal stay in the country with the government being forced to intervene.

A section of leaders in the country lashed out at the Kenyan embassy for lack of intervening as workers from the country were jailed.

Cases of Kenyans being tortured in Saudi Arabia have been on the rise especially househelps.


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