MP's to receive 3.1% pay rise from June

Kenyan MP's to receive another fat pay increase.

They are among the highest paid in the world and will cement that status after getting yet another pay rise.

Kenyan MP’s are set to receive a salary increase which will see each of them earn at least $13,000(Shs. 1.33 Million) per month equivalent to a 3.1 per cent pay rise.

Each Member of Parliament currently earns about $12,000(Shs.1.28 Million) or $15,000(Shs. 15.4 Million) annually which includes the total basic salary plus personal allowances.

The pay does not include the huge travel budget that stands at $5700(Shs. 591000) per month as well as a Shs.5 million car grant, Shs.20 million car grant and a Shs.7 million car loan.

The salary increase may not go down with Kenyans who view the legislators as being overpaid with nothing of significance to show for it.

Their new earnings will be 25 times more than the country’s average monthly salary of $520(Shs. 53,736) as per Economic Survey’s latest data.

The pay raise once again cements their status as one of the best paid legislators globally in a country plagued by high unemployment and poverty levels.

President Uhuru Kenyatta recently called for a pay cut for all State officers and elected officials; from an MCA to the President.

The pay increase is against that of the Salaries and Remunerations Commission (SRC) whose mandate is to set the pay for all public servants.

Members of Parliament have been known to intimidate the Treasury and SRC to in a bid to maintain their fat pay cheques and perks.


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