Kenya's First lady dazzles with white 'symbolic' dress compared with her 2013 'business' outfit

Throughout President Uhuru first term in office, Margaret has been a voice of reason and unity.

At least 13 heads of states and several representatives from the globe were present to witness the Swearing in ceremony.

Being an  historic day several Presidents some accompanied by their wives not to mentioned Ambassadors, Cabinet Secretaries, Governors, Members of Parliament and even ordinary Kenyans all clad in their Sunday best stepped out in style to witnessed the inauguration of President Uhuru Kenyatta for his second and last term in office.

However, the most striking image went to Kenya’s First Lady Margaret Kenyatta who was dressed in a stylish flowing all white dress and a beautiful yellow necklace.

Margaret's white dress was not only a fashion statement but a political statement as well and a complete contrast to her 2013 inauguration dress.

Unlike in 2013, where President Kenyatta with his Deputy, William Ruto were facing crimes against Humanity at the Hague and enjoyed majority backing of Kenyans who defied the world and voted for the duo Uhuru’s Presidency was untested and a lot of people did not know what to expect hence the choice in Margaret dress,  a formal grey dress broken with floral patterns which might have informed her choice.

In 2017, however while President Uhuru has given Kenyans a taste of his Presidency and he is keen to leave a legacy the country is hugely divided and rocked with political tensions.

While he was taking his oath of office for instance, a parallel rally organized by the opposition was being held at Jacarada grounds to commemorate victims of police brutality.

By the end of the day five people including a seven year old boy had been shot by the police with several other nursing injuries.

To pass a message of peace, reconciliation, healing and unity is what may have informed Margaret choice of dress.

Through her many charity works such as First Lady Half Marathon, Linda Mama, Boresha Mama Programme among others, Margaret has won the hearts of many Kenyans.

She has crisscrossed the country even visited opposition strongholds where her Husband would be hard-pressed to venture opening one health facility after another all the while  being received with open arms.

Hopefully her well thought yet simple white dress may be the spark Kenya needs to heal and begin talking.


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