Kenya Issues travel advisories against South Africa

The advisory may however trigger a diplomatic spat with the government of South Africa.

In a security memo sent to top government officials from Pretoria, Kenya’s foreign affairs principal secretary Monica Juma expressed concern over increased cases of armed robberies, carjacking, theft burglary, kidnap, rape and mugging.

“The most worrying element of this crime wave is the rising number of incidents of attacks within the vicinity of hotels,” Dr Juma says.

“In addition, the diplomatic community is being openly attacked in residential areas and in the central business district.” She went on.

The letter notes that South African authorities have failed to stop the wave of attacks despite the crime reports being reported to the police.

“We need to bring to the attention of all official delegations or members of public travelling to South Africa on duty or official assignments to be cautious,” the letter says.

So far there is no report of Kenyans being attacked or have been attacked but have all been caution to be on high alert.

South Africa is notorious for Xenophobic attacks and more recently also had a run with Nigerian government who threatened to recall their ambassador to South Africa over the rising cases of crime.

During the height of the attacks, ordinary Nigerians attacked MTN Company and other South Africa affiliated companies in frustrations.

Other countries that have issued travel advisories against South Africa, Include United Kingdom and Canada which issued alerts on April 24 and May 2 respectively.

The advisory may however trigger a tit for tat with the government of South Africa who until recently when Jacob Zuma visited Kenya, Kenyans had to pay a Sh5,850 visa application fee not to mention go through a long laborious visa application whenever they wanted to visit S Africa.


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