Magufuli demands to know how Judges afford expensive vacations in Europe for months yet he cannot

Magufuli in October last year disclosed on live TV how much he earned monthly as president of the East African country.

Speaking during the climax on an event to mark the beginning of a new law year on Thursday, February 1, 2018, Magufuli expressed wonder how the judges afford the vacations on the salaries they earn yet he cannot afford the vacations himself and their salaries are not that diffeent.

As a result he tasked the Chief Justice, Profesa Ibrahim Juma to probe how some judges are able to go on expensive European vacations.

“I know salaries of judges. They are not very different from my salary but I wonder how do some judges manage to spend their holidays in Europe every year?

“They go there with their families and spend one month in those hotels. You (CJ Ibrahim Juma) need to get to the bottom of this issue,” Magufuli said.

Incidentally at the start of the week-long celebration, the CJ had also warned politicians and civil servants to stay off the judicial arm of government.

“Anybody who does so will be dealt with accordingly … this is the message I want to send. We are going to be stricter at this at the magistrates’ and judges’ level in dealing with anyone who crosses over to interfere with our decisions and independence.

“I appeal to all government leaders to refrain from meddling with the issues that are within the rights, status and constitutional authority of the judiciary,”  the 60-year-old who was appointed in September 2017 stressed.

In October last year, Magufuli disclosed on live TV how much he earned monthly as president of the East African country.

He disclosed that his salary was 9 million Tanzanian shillings which translates to a little above $4,000 or £3,000.


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