5 clear differences between Kenya's August 8th and October 26th poll

The August 8th poll and October 26th poll is different like night and day.

Here are five major differences between the August 8th and October 26 Presidential elections

Nature of the Elections

Kenyans from all walks of life woke up early in the morning of August 8 to participate in Kenya’s general elections after the shelve life of the 2013 government come to an end according to the Constitution.

On October 26 Kenyans will be waking up to participate in the Fresh Presidential elections after the Supreme Court nullified the August 8thy Presidential elections.


Compared to August 8 where there was high turnout of voters the October 26 has fewer voters.

During the August polls, long queues was the order of the day which forced some Kenyans to even come up with ingenious ways to beat the queues like full grown men carrying babies in order to be allowed to  vote and not queue.

A sizeable population is not participating in the October polls effectively affecting the turnout.

In opposition strongholds areas voters are keeping away from polling stations after being urged by their leaders to keep away from participation in what they term as not free fair and credible elections.

A section of Kenyans are also simply fatigued with the electoral process and are keeping away from the polling stations

Fewer candidates

During August 8h general elections the Presidential candidates who participated in the actual vote were Eight compared to October 26 candidates where the candidates are seven.

One of the main contenders of the August 8 polls is not participating in the October repent polls.

National Super Alliance flag bearer, Raila Odinga is boycotting the polls over what he terms as pre rigged elections.

Fewer Ballot papers

Kenyans voters had to mark a total of six ballot papers i.e. Presidential, Governors, Senators, Member of Parliaments, Women Representatives and Member of County Assemblies during the August 8 General Elections.

Voters are only marking one ballot papers- Presidential- during the October polls.

Different Clarion call

During the August 8 general elections all parties and leaders vying for different positions  all made one clarion call to the Kenyan voters,  to come out in large numbers to vote for them and their Presidential candidates so has to emerge the winner.

During the October 26 parties and leaders are divided in their clarion call, a section of leaders are calling on their supporters to turn out and come and vote while a section of leaders and parties are calling on their supporters to keep away from voting.


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