Kenya's transport regulator wants public service vehicles to have two drivers on board — here is the proposal

The transport regulator now wants all PSV's to have two drivers on board

The proposals by the transport regulator will require the vehicles to have two drivers on board when making journeys of more than 500 kilometres or more than eight hours.

On the other hand, if it’s one driver behind the wheel, he or she will stop the journey and ground the vehicle after being on the road for eight hours.

“A carrier shall ensure that a commercial vehicle is operated by two drivers where the vehicle is to be driven for a distance of more than five hundred kilometres; or is to be driven for more than eight hours,” reads the regulations contained in a Gazette notice dated January 11

The directive comes in the wake of recent road crashes, blamed on driver fatigue and negligence.

In similar fashion, the proposals will require drivers to take a mandatory rest for at least one hour for every four hours they spend behind the wheel.

However, these stringent requirements mean the cost incurred by the matatu owners is set to go up, which might eventually be passed on to passengers, according to Matatu Owners Association .

“A driver of a heavy commercial vehicle shall prepare a daily log sheet accounting for the driver’s on duty and off duty time,” the National Transport and Safety Authority (NTSA) says in the regulations.


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