A dummies guide to the Kenyan election re-run

What you need to know about the repeat election in Kenya.

Kenyans will for the second time this year head to the polls on Thursday to elect their President following the annulment of the Aug 8 Presidential vote by the Supreme Court.

The run-up to the election has been marred by a lot of activities including the unexpected decision by Opposition leader Raila Odinga to withdraw from the election early in October.

And perhaps for the foreigner who may not be in the know of what has been hitting the headlines with regards to the election, here are the key terms to keep you up to speed with the polls that is just a few hours away:

  • Bomas of Kenya

Also known as the 'IEBC Nerve Centre', the Bomas of Kenya is an actual place that is used as the electoral body's national tallying centre.

  • Nairobi Business Community

No they are not actual businessmen as their name suggests.

This is a lobby group that has been hitting the headlines since the start of the anti-IEBC demos by members of the Opposition in the streets of Nairobi. They claim it is their job to protect the property of citizens.

  • KIEMS kit

The Kenya Integrated Elections Management Systems(KIEMS) tablets are being used by the IEBC toensure secure transmission of the voter turnout data and election results. They were topical in the first round.

  • Okoa Kenya

The National Super Alliance's (NASA) head office is based at the Okoa Kenya secretariat in Lavington,Nairobi hence its moniker. It is where all press conferences and major NASA announcements are made.

  • GSU

The General Service Unit (GSU) commonly known for the phrase "Fanya Fujo Uone" (loosely translated to "Cause trouble and you'll see"). This elite unit of the police service has been used to maintain law and order especially during the anti-IEBC demos.

  • Daughters of Raila

A group of young women dedicated to winning supporters for Raila Odinga.

  • Jubilee Women Brigade

In a bid to counter Daughters of Raila, President Kenyatta's Jubilee Party formed the Jubilee Women Brigade. The close to 4,000 women, clad in communist-style berets and military attire have been drumming up support for Mr.Kenyatta's re-election.

  • Party slogans(Tibim,Tialala,Tano Tena)

Tibim, Tialala and Tano Tena are popular slogans that have been used to popularize masses during political rallies. Tibim is a phrase meaning 'relvolution.' And in this case, political revolution. Alongside Tialala, the two terms have widely been used in opposition rallies.

President Kenyatta has on the other hand used the term Tano Tena which translates to "Five more years."


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