Court battle looms ahead of deployment of Cuban doctors to Kenya

The medics are expected to be deployed across various Kenyan counties from June 1

Samson Robert Misango says in court papers that the government has been deceptive in its claims of an apparent shortage of medics in the country, yet many doctors were jobless.

“There is no evidence of the government carrying out interviews or any survey to establish that no local doctors are available to offer the required services as opposed to giving the opportunity to foreigners,” said Misango.

He further states that the recruitment of the Cuban doctors was to deny Kenyan professionals good working conditions and better salaries.

Universal healthcare

The medics are set to arrive in Kenya on June 1 and the health ministry has previously said that a shortage of up to 42,800 health workers stands in Kenya’s journey to realising universal healthcare.

Misango wants the court to issue temporary orders stopping the director of immigration from issuing work permits to the 100 foreign doctors until the dispute is determined.

Cabinet Secretary of Health, Council of Governors, Director of Immigration and the Attorney- General are listed as respondents in the suit.

The doctors are set to take home a monthly pay of Ksh882,180. The calibre of people who earn higher than this includes the likes of President Uhuru Kenyatta and his Deputy William Ruto at Ksh1,443,750 and Ksh1,227,188 respectively.


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