Kenyan taxpayers will cough up Sh34.4 million ($342,108) to rehabilitate a dais at the Kakamega State Lodge in Western Kenya.

This despite the facility being rarely used by President Uhuru Kenyatta and his predecessor Mwai Kibaki who last used it in 2005. Mr Kenyatta first spent a night at the Kakamega State Lodge in July 2014, over a year after taking office.

Maintenance works

Sagana State Lodge has been allocated Sh42 million while general maintenance works at Nairobi State House will cost taxpayers Sh98.5 million.

Taxpayers will also fork out Sh29.6 million for refurbishing buildings at Mombasa State House, Sh64.4 million on the renovation of buildings at State House Nakuru and Sh36 million on rehabilitation works at Kisumu State Lodge.

Besides works at the official residences of the Head of State, the government also plans to build a second office for Deputy President William Ruto in a move that will cost taxpayers Sh50 million.