Kenyas women representatives have been put on the spot over unaccounted Sh4 billion allocated for projects across the 47 counties.

Auditor General Edward Ouko, in his 2017 report, said he cannot ascertain Sh4, 103,958,103 which he says county committees failed to provide documents for.

“County committees’ project reports were not provided for audit verification. There were no accountability statements and supporting documents for the payments made,” read the auditors’ report.

Mr Ouko also raises questions about Sh123 million of the fund categorised as emergency reserve, which could not be traced.

Unforeseen problems

The rules state a two per cent of the fund sum should be un-collected to cater for unforeseen problems.

“No emergency reserve has been reflected and disclosed in the financial statements in terms of amount. The fund’s management appeared not to have implemented or adhered to the regulations with regard to the reserve,” the auditor said.

Established in 2016, the Affirmative Fund is meant to address the plight of vulnerable groups by reducing poverty and inequality through their enhanced access to financial facilities.