Nigeria's electoral body wants to spend N189.2 billion on the 2019 general elections, here’s why

The 2019 budget proposal is N69 billion higher than the amount budgeted for the 2015 general elections in the country.

The Presidency, in a letter sent to the National Assembly for scrutiny and approval, had submitted the sum of N189.2 billion for the conduct of 2019 elections as the budget of the country's electoral commission

Prof. Yakubu also explained why the commission needs N189.2 billion for the conduct of the elections.

When asked about the huge difference, the electoral chairman listed the following as some of the issues that necessitated the increase:

- In 2015, Nigeria had 70 million registered voters. As of last week Saturday, August 11, 2018, Nigeria now has over 80 million registered voters. He said all major activities are pegged against the total number of voters.

- In 2015, the country had only 42 political parties compared to 91 registered political parties eligible to take part in the 2019 general elections.

“We are hoping that all the political parties will have seamless congresses and primaries.”

- Processing Costs

“The cost of logistics is also different in 2019 as opposed to 2015, because the pump price of petrol in 2015, is different from that of 2019. This will also have an impact.”

- With the increase in voters, voting points will also increase. And with the increase in voting points, numbers of Ad-Hoc Staff will also increase.

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