Six times Kenya’s President Kenyatta has lost his cool in public

The President has on a few occasions lost his cool, lambasting and ridiculing rivals and critics

For the five years that he has been in power, Kenyans have known him to be a man of few words besides being a good natured individual.

However, the head of state has on a few occasions shown the country his ugly side when engaging in public outbursts with politicians.

More often than not has Mr Kenyatta lost his cool, lambasting and ridiculing rivals and critics during public functions.

Business Insider SSA takes a look at the some of those occasions:

May 2015: War with media

While addressing a rally, Uhuru turned his anger on Kenya’s print media for fanning rivalry among party leaders.

He claimed that newspapers are only good enough for wrapping meat in butcheries.

“Nitarudia kusema kila siku kwamba gazeti ni ya kufunga nyama (I will repeat what I said before that newspapers are meant for wrapping meat),” he said.

September 2016: Trades barbs with Mr Odinga at funeral

During the burial of former Minister William Ntimama, President Kenyatta lost his cool after Raila Odinga said Ntimama was still part of the main opposition party, ODM.

“Sisi kiti tumekalia, wewe ni kutafuta...endeleeni kumeeza mate lakini nyama tutakula (We are eating the meat as you continue salivating)."

October 2016: Frustrated by corruption

The head of state blasted Auditor General Edward Ouko over Eurobond probe.

“And this one is saying he wants to go and investigate the Federal Reserve Bank of New York. Ngai!”

He is also remembered for the infamous “Sasa mnataka nifanye nini jameeni (Now what do you want me to do)?” phrase revealing his frustration over the persistent corruption in the country.

December 2016: Refers to Mr Odinga as a 'mad man'

While campaigning in Central Kenya, Mr Kenyatta triggered opposition supporters after using Kikuyu dialect to refer to their leader, Raila Odinga, as a 'mad man.'

March 2017: Lashes at striking doctors

A visibly agitated Uhuru accused doctors of blackmail and ordered them to go back to work or face serious consequences.

"This is blackmail and we are not going to entertain it. Kwani wanatuona sisi ni wajinga namna gani (How foolish do they think we are)," he posed.

March 2017: Refers to a Governor as a 'foolish devil'

The President lost his temper and launched a scathing attack on Turkana Governor Joseph Nanok referring him as a "fool and a devil."

"If some idiot stands here and says that Uhuru is interested in the oil of others, ashindwe na Mungu, shetani...mshenzi," Mr Kenyatta remarked.


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