Top 5 favorite meals African Presidents love to eat

The saying couldn't be truer than nowadays where more and more Africans are consuming fast foods and die young from lifestyle related conditions previously unheard of.

So charged with the responsibility of running a country and steering it from one disaster after another what would African presidents consume to be healthy and fit?

Here is a list of African president’s favorite foods.

President Jacob Zuma

South Africa’s president despite looking like he can shed a few kilos here and there loves to dig into a dish of Oxtail, which he considers his favorite meal.

While busy devouring his Oxtail, Zuma prefers some Rooibos tea with honey to chase down the sumptuous dish.

President Uhuru Kenyatta

It is no secret that the Kenyan president is one of Africa’s youngest presidents and therefore can afford to consume some foods, which would otherwise be frowned upon.

His favorite food is Nyama Choma (grilled meat) and as most Kenyans know it is impossible to consume Nyama choma without a compliment to water down your throat with.

His favorite drink is Glenlivet whiskey.

President Buhari of Nigeria

The ailing president of Nigeria likes to keep it simple and traditional.

Coming from Hausa-Fulani tribe, Buhari likes to keep indulge in Fura da nono (millet cereal), a traditional meal loved by Fulani tribe.

President Yoweri Museveni

Uganda’s strongman has attributed his ‘youthful looks’ to his consumption of locally produced foods.

“When we were in Ethiopia, USA President Obama commented that I look young. I forgot to tell him that it’s because I eat Ugandan grown foods,”Museveni told members of the East African Legislative Assembly at a past event in Kampala.

Sources close to Mr. Museveni indicate he takes millet porridge or bushera for his breakfast.

The President is also said to take a lot of African tea throughout the day. he also loves and drinks milk, but the milk has to be from only local Ankole cows.

“I don’t eat rice and bread but I am forced to eat when I have no alternative for example when I was in Ethiopia for the South Sudan negotiations.." he added.

President Paul Kagame

Many people have commented about Rwanda's president athletic body and wondered how he keeps fit.

So does he have a favorite food he likes to indulge in once in  a while?

Apparently not, Kagame does not have a favorite food and likes to eat what people around him are currently eating.

He does however have a favorite drink.

He likes to keep it simple by drinking water or tea and if a must a half a glass of wine when the circumstances dictate.


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