Kenya's first governor on-board SGR complains of smelly toilets and dry taps

At a cost of Sh327 billion and traveling at 120kph, the train had Kenyans of all walks excited.

At a cost of Sh327 billion and traveling at 120kph, the train had Kenyans of all walks excited about the prospects of traveling to Mombasa more often and boosting domestic tourism in the process.

What more, a grueling journey from Nairobi to Mombasa which used to take up to nine hours had been cut by half not to mention the comfort and class that comes with it.

During the launch President Uhuru and his cabinet enjoyed the maiden trip and praised it to no ends.

Machakos governor, Alfred Mutua has followed on Uhuru’s footsteps and become the first governor to board SGR.

The PR Savvy governor together with his wife Lilian over the weekend booked a trip to  Mombasa and captured the entire magical journey in print and photos.

“It was a cool Saturday morning of 10 June, 2017 and my blood was pumping full of excitement. I love train trips and the ability to travel from Nairobi to Mombasa in four hours in safety and comfort was exhilarating.” He posted on facebook.

Mutua’s excitement was however cut short when he ventured into the Washrooms at SGR terminals.

“The station's toilets are brand new, good, but in a mark of shame, had no water (despite the station being new). The ladies toilet had water spilt everywhere on the floor but the taps were dry and the stench was starting to build.” He complained.

Being the mindful governor he is, he didn’t wish any other Kenyan to undergo the torture he had just experience.

“I hope Gen. Kianga, Chairman of Kenya Railways and able CEO Atanas Maina will move with speed and have no mercy as they take care of this Third World mentality failure common in Africa.”

From there onwards the entire journey was memorable and magical.

“The train journey was comfortable. The coaches are clean, have plugins for charging phones and clean toilets.”

Kenyans on board had message to Uhuru which they dutifully passed it to Mutua hoping he will promptly inform the head of state.

"Wewe Governor Mutua, ambia Uhuru awachilie hawkers wauze chakula ndani ya SGR," one man shouted on seeing him.

"Chakula hapa haitoshi na bei yake in kali sana. Chupa Ndogo ya maji ni mia Bwana."

Four and half hours later after departing from Nairobi the couple arrived at Mombasa.

“And just like that, four and half hours after departing Nairobi, Lillian and I walked out of the Mombasa station proud that now Kenyans' lives were being transformed by the SGR train service. It was a magical train trip and I encourage all to try it.”


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