No nonsense President Magufuli causes digital disruption

Tanzania Communications Regulatory Authority (TCRA) has been ordered to immediately implement the directive.

All state institutions in Tanzania have been ordered to immediately change their website domains from .com to .tz in order to promote the country’s identity.

The Deputy Communication Minister Edwin Ngonyani on behalf of the president issued direct orders on Thursday to Tanzania Communications Regulatory Authority (TCRA) to immediately implement the order and take action against those who fail to make the switch.

“It is unfortunate that some government ministries, departments, agencies and institutions have not yet registered with this important national identity since the domain was launched in 2009,” he was quoted by local media, The Citizen.

According to the minister, the switch which is required under the country’s communication laws, will help foreign investors validate the country’s institutions.

“They help one to know that indeed the particular product that he/she wants to import is indeed Made in Tanzania,” he told participants at an event celebrating the national domain.

President Magufuli who is known for his hands-on type of leadership has in the recent weeks issued a number of directives aimed at transforming one of East Africa’s large countries rich in minerals.

Early last week he instructed all commissioners to confiscate all undeveloped farms in the country and reallocated them to other citizens.

“You should confiscate all undeveloped farms and allocate them to wananchi who will develop them,” the president was quoted saying.


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