Like Sen. Dino Melaye, like Nairobi Gov, Mike Sonko [Photos]

This flamboyant Nigerian Senator now has an alter-ego in this Kenyan Governor who seems to be as flashy as it goes.

While Melaye is known for his showmanship and uploading photos of his affluence, exotic cars, mansions, and designer wears, Sonko is another lawmaker who loves showing off his blings, golden colour cars, tinted hair, and dreadlocks.

Sen. Melaye has told anyone who cares to listen that he has a passion for cars and does not care what anyone thinks of him and in the same way, Sonko is said to be mad about exotic and expensive cars and has more than 20 in his fleet, all customized with golden colours.

According to Nairobi News, Sonko who was born Mbuvi Gideon Kioko, took the name Mike Sonko, with the Sonko meaning a rich man or boss.

Born in the Mua Hills, Mombasa in 1975, Sonko is the Governor of Nairobi and rose to political prominence when he was elected as the Member of Parliament for Makadara Constituency, Kenya at the age of 35.

He became the Governor of Nairobi in the Kenyan general election, 2017, but since then, Sonko is said to have displayed some kind of Melaye-like lifestyle, and has been living at a five-star Nairobi hotel since then on tax-payers' money.

Since the election in July, Governor Sonko has been occupying the presidential suite on the 16th floor of the iconic Lillian Towers Hotel which is one of the most prestigious in Kenya.

When asked why he prefers to stay at the expensive hotel by journalists, Sonko reportedly replied:

“I am meeting people here for my private businesses, which I don’t have to disclose to you.”

To say our own Senator Melaye is an alter-ego of Governor Mike Sonko of Kenya is stating the obvious as seen in a tweet conversation with a Nigerian lady withe the Twitter handle, Princess Ife who posted a photo of the Senator with the caption:

"This man on the right here is a Senator in my country. Somebody help."

Immediately, a Twitter user from Kenya, with the handle, Am_Breaking Bad, also posted a photograph of Governor Mike Sonko with the caption:

"Wish I could, but this man right here is the Governor of Nairobi in my country."


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