This is how much African presidents earn in a year compared with world leaders

Despite China being the second biggest economy in the world after USA, Chinese president is the ‘poorest’ of all the world’s superpower leaders.

The president on Tuesday said slashing salaries and scrapping some fat allowances would ensure prudent use of public resources, he has not shied away from taking a pay cut in the past.

In the proposed pay structure, SRC has slashed salaries of top civil servants arguing the government can save up to $84 million annually from the pay cuts, President Uhuru Kenyatta has been spared either.

His monthly pay has been reduced by $1,982 to $13,874 from $15,856 in the changes that will take effect after the August 8 General Election.

So how much should a president earn?  Better still much do African presidents salaries compare with world leaders annual salary?

Here is a list of haves and have not’s.

#1. Lee Hsien Loong

Singapore Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong is the world’s highest paid leader and takes home an annual pay of $1,586,520.

The Asian tiger can, however, afford to pay its leader well since its GDP is worth $471.9 billion and unemployment is a mere 3.3%.

#2. Paul Biya

The president of Cameroon is the highest-paid leader on the continent according to the Africa Review findings.

Mr. Biya, takes home a whopping $610,000 annual salary, almost three times that of South African President Zuma, despite the South African economy being 10 times bigger than Cameroon's.

#3. King Mohammed VI

The Moroccan King has been dubbed king of the poor.

He takes home $480,000 annually as millions of Morocco citizens live in abject poverty.

#4. Donald Trump

The United States president is a wealthy man of all means.

He takes home an annual salary of $400,000, although during his presidential campaign he said he would only take $1.

#5. Justin Trudeau

The United States president earns close to $309,720 more than Canadian prime minister.

Mr. Tredeau takes an annual pay of $234,021 despite Canada’s GDP standing at 1.551 trillion USD as of 2015.

#6. Angela Merkel

The German chancellor takes home an annual salary of $275,745.

#7. Jacob Zuma

South Africa former president used to be one of Africa’s best paid presidents and among the world’s top ten.

His annual pay is a $272,000.

#8. Emmanuel Macron

France's youngest president only takes home an annual pay of $203,881

#9. Theressa May

British prime minister only gets an annual salary of $ 194,146.

#10. John Magufuli

Tanzania president earns more the Russian president, another strongman.

Former President Jakaya Kikwete used to take home $191,490 yearly 'in the true spirit of Ujamaa'.

However, John Magufuli in his quest to promote a lean government slashed his salary and now earns Tsh9 million ($4,008), about a quarter of the amount his predecessor Jakaya Kikwete got.

#11. Abdelaziz Bouteflika

The ailing African president of Algeria is among the top five highly paid presidents in the continent.

His annual salary is $168,000.

#12. Vladimir Putin

Russia’s strongman takes an annual pay of $ 147,247.

#13. President Xi Jinping

Chinese president is the most ‘poorest’ of all the world’s superpower leaders.

Despite China being the second biggest economy in the world after USA, he only takes home a paltry $22,000 annual pay.

That has not stopped China either from providing loans worth trillion of dollars yearly to African countries.


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