Uganda's President says he does not consume these foods so that he can continue being in office

Museveni said that he had not fallen sick in the last 31 because he observes health living and heathy habits.

At 73 old when most people would be willing to call it quits and embrace slow life surrounded by their grandchildren while sitting on a rocking chair for hour’s watching the sun set down, Museveni is showing no sign of slowing down.

After ruling the pearl of Africa for more than three decades, Museveni says he is still strong and able to rule Uganda for a couple more years. Uganda wants to abolish the presidential age limit so that Museveni can still vie once he hits 75.

“I am 73 and I am left with a few years just 27 to clock 100”

The Uganda leader has repeatedly said there is no medical proof that anyone above the age of 75 is incapable of leading.

The former Guerrilla fighter who recently said he will resurrect like Jesus Christ after he dies revealed the secret of his longevity and good health during a meeting with lawyers.

Museveni attributed his good heath to consuming locally produced foods and drinking lots of milk which is rich in calcium and improves the strength of bones, ensures smoother skin and a stronger immune system.

The President i attributed lack of drinking enough milk as the reason why many Ugandans are losing their teeth.

In July, this year while launching the Lugwere Bible in Budaka District the president said  that he had not fallen sick in the last 31 because he observes health living and healthy habits.

“Have you ever heard that Museveni has fallen sick and my legs hanged in hospital, for the last 31 years? This is because I observe some of these health tips [practices] which have eventually helped me to prevent some of these diseases. Many of the diseases are preventable,” Mr Museveni said.

And it is easy to see where Museveni gets enough milk to drink, he owns an impressive breed of Ankole cows so getting milk is not a hassle for him.

To keep fit Museveni plays football, jogs rides bicycle and embraces an active lifestyle.

Museveni also said he is picky on what he eats and there are certain food he never touches meat stuff like fish, chicken and Pork.

Finally Museveni said he does not consume alcohol.


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