France, which is currently on lockdown over the coronavirus outbreak, on Thursday banned cycling and imposed a 2 km (1.2 mile) limit on how far people can leave home for exercise.

"1km, 2km max... There is no question of getting away from your home.The rule is containment for everyone. Remember, you should only go out for emergencies like shopping or for your health. A little jogging is possible for your wellbeing, but not a 10km!" the Ministry of Sport tweeted.

The ministry made the clarification following a governmental decree on Tuesday that said exercise should be conducted near the home to stop the spread of the coronavirus.

On Wednesday, The Ministry of Sport said that exercise must be limited to one hour a day for children and 30 minutes for adults.

On Thursday, the French Federation of Cycling told cyclists to stop all activities, following the decree.

"The practice of sports cycling, which is commonly accepted, does not fall under the conditions provided for in the decree and therefore constitutes an offense," a statement from the federation said. "Any practice of cycling sport, even individual, must therefore be temporarily prohibited."

France coronavirus
France coronavirus

The country has been under a strict coronavirus lockdown since Tuesday, with President Emmanuel Macron mentioning six times that the country was "at war" with the coronavirus at a televised address the night before.

Restaurants and bars have been shut since last Sunday .

People across France need permission from police to travel, and those leaving their homes have been required to produce a form declaring their reasons for leaving the house. Those found without their permission forms are fined 135 euros ($145).

France has recorded nearly 10,900 infections and 371 deaths from the coronavirus so far, according to data from Johns Hopkins University .

Amid the lockdown, undertakers at morgues across France have been livestreaming funerals and cremations for grieving families, Agence France-Presse reported .

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