This article is part of the Business Insider SSA’s 2018 World Cup reportage of the 32 countries who have qualified for Russia. Business Insider SSA is running various articles in the run-up to the global tournament kicking off on June 14 2018.

Out of the 32 nations that qualified for 2018 World Cup holding in Russia, only five African countries made it.

Business Insider Sub Saharan Africa ranks the wealth of the five countries based on their gross domestic product (GDP) as announced by the International Monetary Fund.

Nigeria, which is being represented at the 2018 World Cup by the Super Eagles, leads the pack with $494 billion GDP while Senegal, represented by the Lions of Teranga, ranks fifth on the list with $16 billion.


Soccerbot analysed that the probability of Nigeria’s Super Eagles coming tops in Group D at the 2018 World Cup is very low.

Nigeria tops the list with a total of $494 billion. The country will be represented at the global football tournament by a 23-man squad of the Super Eagles. The Super Eagles have qualified for six of the last seven FIFA World Cups. The team takes on Croatia in Group D on June 16, 2018.

Worth: $494 billion

Team: Super Eagles


Egypt ranks second on the list with a GDP of $237 billion. With one of the most brilliant players in the world at the moment, Mohamed Salah in its fold, the Pharaohs of Egypt will be slugging it out with the host nation, Russia, alongside Uruguay and Saudi Arabia in Group A.

Worth: $237 billion

Team: The Pharaohs

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Morocco joins the list 20 years after the country’s national team, Lions of Atlas, last qualified for the World Cup. Set to play the first game on June 15, 2018, Morocco has earned a place for itself on the global tourism map. The country will play against Iran, Portugal, and Spain.

Worth: $109 billion.

Team: Lions of the Atlas


Tunisia makes the fourth position on the list with $40 billion. Tunisia’s national team, the Les Aigles de Carthage will make its fourth appearance at a FIFA World Cup on Monday, June 18, 2018, when it plays against England. The country will still have to contend with Panama and Belgium in group G to qualify for the knockout stage of the tournament.

Worth: $40 billion.

Team: Les Aigles de Carthage


With a GDP of $16 billion, Senegal comes fifth on the list. The country's national team, Lions of Teranga is expected to play the first match at the 2018 FIFA World Cup is a Group H game against Poland on June 19, 2018. Colombia, Japan, and Poland are the contenders for the group’s leader at the tournament.

Worth: $16 billion.

Team: Lions of Teranga