Here are 10 tactics to use when you are broke in Nairobi

Nothing beats the feeling of desperation like when you are broke and you are in Nairobi city.

‘Desperate time’s calls for desperate measures, nothing beats the feeling of desperation like when you are broke and you are in Nairobi city.

Mark you Nairobi is one of the most expensive cities in Africa and the world.

Here are a few tactics you can employ to last you until your next paycheck after you run broke.

Food Expenses

This is one of the most innocent yet money consuming expenses because you can easily give into it and later justify it, learn to only eat when hungry and not when you feel like.

If you want to survive until end month find the cheapest food joint “Kibanda” in your neighborhood or work place and start eating from there, their food are not only way cheaper than those food deliveries vendors but also sometimes way fresher than what you are used to in those expensive food courts you normally frequent.

When lunch time comes, avoid the temptation of peer pressure to tag along with your moneyed colleagues who can order Tilapia and Ugali worth Ksh800.

Instead disappear for a few minutes to you trusted local kibanda for a sumptuous chapo madondo (Beans and Chapati).

While at it find a friendly mama mboga (vegetable vendor) in your neighborhood and become her loyal customer so that she can always lend you some food items when things get tough.

Avoid buying food stuff in the evening and instead cook.

If you happen to be in Nairobi CBD during lunch time hours, take a walk to UON cafeteria or UON’s famous food court called Clabu where food is not only cheaper but served in generous portions too.

Transport Expenses

The good thing about being broke is that you will have no time for sleep; you don’t need an alarm your problems will literary wake you up.

Wake up before 5am and leave for work immediately, matatu fare at this time is extremely cheap, you can pay as low as Sh20 to town instead of the normal Sh60 – 100.

Another great way to save on transport cost is to board a train to work especially if you stay along Mombasa road, it is way cheaper than Matatu and Busses combined.

Grooming Expenses

When you are broke you can be allowed to look a bit shaggy than usual.

That does not mean however that you should completely let yourself go, it is simple forget about executive barbershops and salons which charge up to Ksh1000 for a simple shave rather utilize your local barber who can transform your looks for as low as Sh50.

Another way you can save costs is by simply shaving your hair ladies, this is the time to rock short hair.

Communication Expenses

This is another silent monster that if left unchecked can easily consume a week’s long budget.

First thing is to avoid logging in to social media unnecessarily, avoid engaging in idle chat of “Niambie mazuri ya masiku” to save on data bundles.

That time wasted online could also be used in cracking your head on how and where you can hustle tomorrow.

When you wish to communicate use Whatsapp for all your communication needs and unsubscribe from daily unlimited SMSes.

If possible shift to a cheaper service provider

Entertainment Expenses

There is only one rule here is until you get money avoid clubs and bars like a plague.

Once Friday evening comes around, pass by your local movie guy and catch up with the latest series and movie enough to last you until Monday morning when you go back to the grind.

If you must drink, then go for Keg or cheap spirits and whiskies, there are quite a few safe and pocket friendly spirits compared to your usual Johnnie Walker black label or old monk.


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