Expert wants the government of Ghana to tax uncompleted residential and commercial properties in the country, here's why

Ghanaian economist, Kwame Pianim has suggested that the government should consider placing some tax elements on uncompleted residential and commercial properties in the country.

Ghana Econonic Forum

According to him, the move will increase revenue mobilization and expand infrastructure in the country.

Mr Pianim said this while taking his turn at the 8th Ghana Economic Forum.

He argued that now is the time for the government to rake in revenue from the land economy.

"We may look at taxing uncompleted buildings in the country. This could incentivize many to complete projects and earn an income. This could be a tax mobilization intervention we could employ", he stated.

Adding his voice, the Governor of the Bank of Ghana, Dr Addison said achieving macroeconomic stability takes deliberate policies, sacrifices and resources which if not sustained, can easily unravel.

He said the country has achieved a good degree of macroeconomic stabilisation, under a fiscal and monetary regime oriented towards disinflation.

About the Ghana Economic Forum

For seven years, the Ghana Economic Forum’s mission has been driven policies aimed at steering the country’s economy on the right path.

Discussions at this year’s forum will be hinged on sustaining financial and economic stability with a look at the key priorities.


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