In their 9-0 demolition of Southampton, Leicester city displayed the killer instinct you need to get ahead in business and life

Leicester city striker Jamie Vardy celebrates history. Image via OptaJoe
  • Sports is the most authentic reality tv and Leicester city's 9-0 victory over Southampton was choc full of lessons
  • Should you kick an opponent when they're down? When it comes to competition, the answer is yes
  • In life, you should push to be so far ahead of everyone else that the only competition left is yourself
  • Don't have a mentor? Get one. Once you do, heed their advice, then aim to equal and surpass their achievements

Life is a jungle. Maximize every advantage you get

Southampton, playing at home in their stadium, went down to 10 men after just 12 minutes. Ryan Bertrand became the first Premier League player to be sent off after a VAR (Video Assistant Referee) review. Leicester city took immediate advantage.

Do not rest on your achievements. Push to go further

Two minutes before the red card, Leicester scored the opening goal of the match. Five minutes after the red card, they scored the second goal of the match. Seven minutes after the red card, they scored the third goal of the match. They added two more goals after that and by halftime, were 5-0 up. They became the second team in Premier League history to build a five-goal lead in the first half of an away game, after Manchester City vs Burnley in 2010 (also 5-0). Did that stop them from looking for more goals in the second half? No.

Are you employee of the month? Go for employee of the year. Did you earn the biggest bonus in your career this year? Aim for an even bigger bonus next year. Are there more responsibilities you can take on at the office that will earn you more recognition? Go for it.

How do I "push harder" when I don't even have a job yet?

How hard have you pushed to find one? Every member of your nuclear and extended family should know you are looking for work. Every single one of your friends should know as well. They should all have copies of your updated CV. Have you made personal business cards that display your skills? Make them and hand them out at networking events. How many networking events do you attend weekly? No single week should pass you by without you attending an event.

For every one of your business cards you hand out, collect one in return. If the other person doesn't have a card, collect a number or email or social media handle. Speaking of social media, your Whatsapp/Facebook/Twitter status updates should all be reminders to your followers of your skills and your search for unemployment. Searching for a job should take up as many hours as working a full-time job. Be relentless. You will be rewarded.

Get a mentor, heed their advice, then equal/surpass their achievements

The last team to win a Premier League match by a margin of nine goals and keep a clean sheet was Manchester United in 1995 vs Ipswich Town. The goalkeeper for Manchester United was Peter Schmeichel. Twenty-four years later, on October 25th, 2019, his son, Kasper Schmeichel, also a goalkeeper, achieved the same landmark result with Leicester City vs Southampton. Father and son are also Premier League title winners for their respective teams.

Your mentor shouldn't just be your source of career advice, they should also be a benchmark of achievement you should seek to equal and surpass.


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