Here is how Google Country Manager, Juliet Ehimuan, sets herself up for success every morning

One of Forbes' top 20 power women in Africa shares her inspiring morning routine.

Juliet Ehimuan leads Google’s Business in Nigeria and West Africa Credit:Twitter/jehimuan
  • Looking for tips on how to be more productive at work?
  • Then, you should definitely pay attention to Google's Country Director in Nigeria and West Africa, Juliet Ehimuan.
  • She has an inspiring routine that helps her do more in the morning than most people do in 24 hours.

Having a routine is one thing that sets successful people like Google's Country Director in Nigeria and West Africa, Juliet Ehimuan, apart.

We asked the tech expert and motivational speaker to tell us how sets herself up for success every morning and here is what she had to say about her classic routine:

In her words, "I'm a morning person I do well in the mornings, and so I tend to get up early in the morning and I use those few hours of the morning productively. I get up early, I have some reflection and meditation time, get ready for work and generally get to the office early."

Ehimuan also says, "I also leverage technology a lot. So you know, in Lagos there is a lot of traffic, right? I do a lot of work in my car, I even do video conference calls in the car, I read books in the car, I listen to audio tapes."

What if you are not a morning person?

Don't worry, Google's Country Director has you covered too. Her advice is simple - use any opportunity to be more productive.

"I think it's important to know your strengths and know how you operate," she says. "So for example, some people are night people, when everybody has gone to sleep and its all quiet, that's when you do your best work, right?"

"So it's important to understand your patterns in that way. In your day to day life as well, make sure that you're able to leverage opportunities to be productive," Ehimuan concludes.

There you have it. Now you have all you need to be as productive as possible.


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