Here is how you can save more money on a daily basis

Because who doesn't want to save more money this year?

Save before you spend

Saving your money is never fun but it is an essential key to financial freedom. It ensures that you are never broke and always have some money set aside for rainy days. 

Now, that you know how important it is, here is how you can save more money on a daily basis:

Hitch a ride with a neighbour or colleague or staff bus

Instead of using public transport, hitch a ride with your colleague, who stays close by or your neighbour. You can also reduce how much you spend on transportation by taking a ride on the staff bus if you have one.

Talk walks

Spending N100 on a bike or Keke may not seem like much at first until you consider how much you actually on these two things. Using a bike twice a days means you lose N200. In a week, you would have lost N1,000.

There is another option, you could walk instead. If the distance is not too much, take a walk. This way, you save some money and squeeze some exercise which is great for your health.

Ditch your ATM card

Having your card with you makes it easy for you to spend money on things you didn't plan. To ensure that this does not happen, carry cash and leave your card at home. 

Have a budget

Make sure you plan ahead for each day's expenses before you leave your house. You can do it before going to bed. Make a budget (plan) and stick to it.

Say no to unnecessary purchases

If it isn't part of your budget, then you shouldn't be spending your money on it. Don't buy something just because your colleagues are buying it or because it is the trending ad online. Learn to say no to unnecessary purchases.

Track your expenses

You don't realise exactly how much you are spending until you start putting down your expenses. "Seeing where your money is going every day can make you aware of unnecessary purchases that you may be making," Jennifer McDermott, consumer advocate at, told Business Insider. 

"Plus, cutting out those extra daily purchases can help you put aside more money for the future," she added.

Cook your own meals in bulk

Preparing your own food may seem tiring and stressful but its a great way to save your money. Cook your meals in bulk for the entire week and save the money you would have spent on buying fast food throughout the week.

Learn to save by keeping your living expenses as low as possible.


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