• As CEO of Tesla, SpaceX, and The Boring Company, Musk has a lot of things to do daily.
  • He manages to stay on top of everything by using some interesting productivity hacks.
  • Below are three tips to help you become as productive as this successful entrepreneur.

Running one business is stressful enough. Somehow Elon Musk manages to manage multiple successful businesses.

He does this by using the following tips:

Musk believes in scheduling his day according to priority. This is why he replies to the most critical emails as he soon as he wakes up by 7 a.m.

“Focus on signal over noise,” Musk said at the University of Southern California Commencement Speech in 2014. “Don’t waste your time on stuff that doesn’t actually make things better.”

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  • Avoid meetings except it is necessary

Musk gets more things done by eliminating as many meetings as he can.

Excessive meetings are the blight of big companies and almost always get worse over time," he said in a letter to employees regarding productivity in 2018. "Please get [rid] of all large meetings, unless you’re certain they are providing value to the whole audience, in which case keep them very short.”

Musk added, “Also get rid of frequent meetings unless you are dealing with an extremely urgent matter. Meeting frequency should drop rapidly once the urgent matter is resolved.”

He also encouraged his employees to “walk out or drop off a call as soon as it is obvious you aren’t adding value. It is not rude to leave, it is rude to make someone stay and waste their time.”

  • Get enough sleep 

Musk learnt the hard way how inadequate sleep can affect his productivity. Now he goes to bed by 1 am and wakes up at 7 am.

“The right number for me is around 6 to 6.5 hours per night,” he said in a 2013 interview at Mountain View’s Computer History Museum.

“Sleep is really great. I find if I don’t get enough sleep I’m quite grumpy…I could drop below a certain threshold of sleep, although I would be awake more hours I would get less done because my mental acuity would be affected," he added in a question-and-answer interactive interview on Reddit.

The National Sleep Foundation recommends 7-9 hours of sleep for adults between the ages of 26-64.