Important announcement for all motorists in Kenya

The National Transport and Safety Authority (NTSA) has made a major announcement for all drivers in Kenya.

National Transport and Safety Authority director general Francis Meja

Speaking in Mombasa on Monday, NTSA director-general Francis Meja stated that the new licenses would come with a payment wallet from where motorists will draw funds to pay instant fines.

Mr Meja added that drivers will use the new wallets to pay for minor traffic offences in the event of an arrest.

“The smart licences have a payment wallet that enables traffic officers to collect fines from motorists via a gadget.

“You can utilise the wallet for other payments, including fuel but more importantly it will be the mode of payment for traffic fines,” Mr Meja was quoted by Businessdaily.

The NTSA boss revealed that the new digital licenses will also capture the history of all Kenya drivers and increase road safety.

“When in place, the smart driving license will enable the government to capture the driving history of all drivers and improve enforcement of traffic laws,” Mr Meja added.

The minor offences that motorists will pay for include:

A.    driving on footpaths and travelling with part of the body outside a moving vehicle

B.     riding motorcycles without protective gear

C.     Speeding

D.    failure to fasten seat belts

E.  pedestrians blocking free passage of cars

NTSA’s new announcement will also help curb the rampant corruption that has been witnessed in the Kenyan roads.


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