Equity Bank CEO shares three ways Africa can use technology to make a difference

In 2012, Mr Mwangi was named was named entrepreneur of the year by Ernst & Young.

Equity Bank which was founded in 2014, is one of the largest and most profitable banks in Kenya.

Currently, Equity Bank has more than 9 million customers making it the largest bank in terms of customer base in Africa and having nearly half of bank accounts in Kenya.

In 2012, Mr Mwangi was named was named entrepreneur of the year by Ernst & Young.

Mr. Mwangi has identified three key areas of the economy which he believes hold the most potential and African countries should develop with the help of technonlogy.

Technology for Food Security

There are 17.6 million children in sub-Saharan Africa who suffer from acute malnutrition according to the World Bank and at least eight out of every ten Kenyans go to bed either on an empty stomach or without having had enough to eat, according to an Ipsos survey, 2016.

More than 50 years after most African countries attained independence, hunger and malnutrition remains a serious challenges and Mr. Mwangi believes Technology has the potential of turn around these sad Statistics.

“The humiliation of our continent not able to feed itself is very sad and I think we shouldn't pass it over to the next generation”

"technology can help Africa realise food security "

Africa has the largest arable land in the world and should Technology be incorporated in the agricultural sector millions of people can be lifted from malnutrition.

Technology for better Health

Patients undergoing surgery in Africa are more than twice as likely to die following an operation than the global average, researchers say.

Lack of medical staff and facilities to spot complications after the surgery are some of the reason behind the gory statistics which technology can address.

if you had deaths caused by tropical diseases such as Malaria, Africa is basking in an orgy of funerals.

“I think there is too much suffering on our people especially in Health matters and so if we can use technology particularly to deal with the tropical diseases that seems to have their home in Africa would really make a huge impact”

Technology has proven specially effective in tacking once deadly diseases such cancers and African countries can better lives of their citizens by allocating more resources in tech and training more health practitioners.

Technology for Wealth Creation

Thousands of African Migrants die in their thousands at international waters trying to reach Europe every year because of biting poverty and unemployment back home.

Africa is blessed with vast natural resources, endowed with young and energetic population, has plenty of arable land, enjoys favourable weather all year round, there is literally no reason for one to die making dangerous expeditions out of the cradle of mankind.

“We must continue to create wealth because our biggest problem is poverty if we can use technology  to really enhance  our productivity  as a continent and then put us in a market place and increase our trade volume then we would be doing justice to ourselves”

Through technology African countries can process their raw materials at home instead of exporting them only to import them later at a higher price, technology can be use to exploit untapped natural resources sitting idle and transform the continent for the better.

James Mwangi  was speaking during Kwese #GoGettaz competition held at Strathmore Business School where twelve contestants from across Africa were battling to pitch their business ventures to a panel of judges for a chance to win $100,000 seed capital and further get a two-week mentorship opportunity as inaugural Kwesé Entrepreneur Fellows with Econet Global founder, Strive Masiyiwa.


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