Job hunting: 5 things you should do when you receive an invite for an interview

File photo: Job-seekers at the Abuja National Stadium during the Nigerian immigration recruitment in 2014.
  • Every job interview comes with a required skillset beyond educational qualification. 
  • Interviews are avenues to show the strength of candidates’ employability but many still find it difficult to meet up with basic questions and it has become a phenomenal topic of interest beyond classrooms.
  • In Nigeria’s job industry, we look at 5 simple pre-interview tricks during job hunting.

The unemployment crisis in Africa is attributable to the fact that education and skills acquired are inadequate to meet the demands of modern-day jobs.

Even those with opportunities to tell their stories and show the strength of their employability still find it difficult to meet up with basic interview questions and has become a phenomenal topic of interest beyond classrooms.

For instance, every hiring manager wants a prepared candidate and an addition to the organisation rather than a liability. Even when you are coming in as an intern or trainee, it is expected that you understand some little things as per the role you applied for or about to take.

Business Insider SSA looks at the five pre-interview tricks:

  • Ensure you know the job description (JD) and read more about it.

Your first assignment is to quickly find out about the job description. This will help you to know more about the job and the likely questions. Nothing to be afraid about, good preparation is all you need to get on top of the game.

  • Research about the company – its management, business-line, and structure

Find out about the company, what they do, if you don’t know, and ask people about the management structure.

Seek answers to questions like; who owns the company, do they pay well, use Google to get what people are saying about them. You can also ask for certain details about the firm from friends and families. All these will prepare you ahead of the company on how to answer interview questions.

  • Try and find a problem you can solve. For instance, if you applied for a junior Human Resource role in a consulting firm, find out how they carried out recruitment, and see what you can do about to help them facilitate more suitable candidates for the next role when you are employed. 

You can also tell them what they are not doing better and how you can help them make it much better.

  • Check out how the company is integrating social media in its business and see how you can help them integrate more tools

Here, your skills on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and LinkedIn will come to play.

Prepare to tell them about your strength on social media and how you can use the tools to aid your work. Be quick to point out what you have done in the past, either at school or at home.

  • Horn your tech skills and present them during interviews

Do you have any tech skills - how good are you with Microsoft applications, web design, graphics, and other software? Find a way to blend with the role.

Extra skills can aid your chance during an interview and you should know how to blend with your role during questioning.

  • Sell yourself

Look at yourself in the morning before the interview and pitch yourself to yourself. Read interview tips and techniques online.

Use every opportunity to say what you can do and how well you can do it. Prepare to convince the interviewer rather than confuse the person.


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