5 questions you should never ask in a job interview

The worst thing is to never ask a question.


"So do you have any questions you may want ask?"

The interview is almost coming to a close and such a question happens to pop up. Most interviewees may happen to stammer whereas some may laugh sheepishly and say "No."

The fact of the matter is you should ask one or two smart and relevant questions. Do not say that you have no questions to ask as it might give the interviewer a negative impression about you.

And in as much as you ask a few questions, make sure they are not anything similar to these:

1. “How much will be my salary/ What are the benefits accorded to someone in this role apart from salary?”

In simpler terms, avoid asking questions that pertain the salary. It is one of the most commonly asked questions which sees interviewees miss out on jobs.

The interviewer’s impression will be that you are a much more money-minded person who could care less about the job. Asking the question also sounds like you assume you already have the position.

So, unless the interviewer brings up the issue, then kindly desist from talking about anything related to salary or benefits.

2. “What exactly does this job entail?”

Looks like someone failed to do his/her homework. How do you apply for a job without understanding its description?

An interviewer will definitely get turned off by this question and of course lead you to an automatic disqualification.

Make sure you understand what is required of the job before going ahead to apply for it.

3. “Can I adjust my hours to leave early or come in late?”

Such a question makes your employer believe that you are going to put your own needs ahead of the companies.

No employer would like to employee someone who is too time conscious as it can affect productivity.

You can perhaps ask questions on working hours after you land the job.

4. “What does this company do/ Who is your competition?”

Another clear sign that you did zero research about the company prior interview. It also ruins your chances of getting the job you so wished for.

Your employer expects you to know what the company is all about before showing up for the interview.

Perhaps, a simple Google search will save you the trouble next time!

5. Asking NOTHING!

Not asking any questions at all is one of the worst things you can do in an interview. It shows that you aren’t interested or enthusiastic about the job or company.

It can reveal a lot about your communication skills, personality, and confidence — and it can leave the interviewer with a bad impression of you.


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