5 reasons why every young Kenyan looking for jobs should join this app

You will thank me later.


We all understand the frustration that comes with 'tarmacking' for ages without landing a job.

Every young graduate’s dream is to finish campus and get employed straight away. But that is not the case, as the few job opportunities cannot be able to meet the overwhelmingly increasing number of graduates churned out every year.

Well, one thing that most people do not know is that there is an app known as LinkedIn that could just be the answer to their job woes. The social networking platform is a powerful tool that young Kenyans can use to get a head start on their career goals no matter how detailed your work history or professional experience.

Here are a few reasons why every Kenyan looking for a job should have an active LinkedIn profile:

1.Build your professional network

It's never too early to start building a network with people in your career area. Start by linking to classmates who are in your major.

While they are friends and classmates now, in the future they become business referrals. Ask professors who are in LinkedIn to write a recommendation for you. Linking to professors ensure that you will stay connected to them after you graduate. This could be beneficial.

2. Land internships or jobs

Many companies in Kenya are using Linked In to find interns and entry-level workers. In other words, it is a good resource for fresh graduates as they can find a wide variety of job postings or internship opportunities.

LinkedIn also promotes jobs and internships relevant to your career interests, so having an active, up-to-date profile is important for finding opportunities within your chosen field.

3. Conduct research on companies

Most companies have all information pertaining them well-displayed in their Linked In accounts. So just in case you’ve landed a job interview and you need info on a company, try looking for it on this platform.

You can also check a firm’s profile company’s profile for job postings, reviews by current and former employees, company history or any relevant information that will help you decided on whether the company fits your career aspirations.

4. Extend your resume

LinkedIn provides a place to have more in-depth information than what a short resume can ever hope to provide. Put your LinkedIn profile URL on your resume (and business cards). Future employers can then find more information about you in LinkedIn.

5. Check out career paths.

Find people who are in LinkedIn who are already employed in your desired profession. Check out their profiles to see what they have done to become successful. See if you can incorporate something from their career path into yours.


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