World’s oldest pharmaceutical and chemical company launches media Awards

The Merck More than a Mother Media Recognition Awards aims to break Stigma around infertility.

The Merck More than a Mother Media Recognition Awards  also aims to change the culture of discrimination and abuse of infertile women while educating the public about infertility prevention, management and male infertility.

"We have established this award to showcase and appreciate outstanding health journalism and to recognize individual professional journalists and students who have produced accurate, informative, and compelling stories about infertile women or couples,"  emphasized Dr. Rasha Kelej, Chief Social Officer of Merck Healthcare and President of “Merck More than a Mother”.

The campaign further aims to encourage men to discuss their infertility condition openly support their wives through the journey of testing and treatment.

The stories targeted are those of infertile women sharing their suffering and abuse by their husbands, families or communities due to their condition.

It is very critical to share these stories with the public to build advocacy of the need to change such behavior and break the stigma around infertility in general. It also will provide a platform for those who have sought treatment to advise others on the journey and support those undergoing infertility treatments.

The stories submitted should be in a form of articles with photos, or three to five minute videos recorded using smart devices.

The Awards will honor and reward outstanding journalistic coverage that enhances the public’s engagement and understanding of infertility stigma and the need to change the social perception of it in African communities.

Prize Award

Who can apply?

The Award is open to print, video broadcast, photo journalists and media students whose stories appear in newspapers, websites, blogs and television and that target the public.

Print and Online



Judging Panel

The judging panel consists of experts from diverse professional backgrounds including journalists, communications experts and media managers.


Application Process

Applicants Name, Sex, Age, Media House or Institution (for students), Country and Contacts must be provided with the submission.

Applications can be submitted via


Deadline for submission of the stories and photos is 31 AUGUST 2017.


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