Militant group blows up Conoil installation in Bayelsa in a warning strike

Koluama Seven Brothers says it had “no other option than to launch a strike to shut down Conoil” if demands were not met.

Niger-Delta Militant

A relatively new militant group, known as the Koluama Seven Brothers, on Sunday, said it had blown up an oil facility owned by local energy firm Conoil in Bayelsa, South-south region of Nigeria.

The strike, the group confirmed in a statement that it took place at 12:20 a.m. on Jan. 4 at Conoil’s Angle 2 Field and described as “just a warning”, Reuters quoted an email statement.

Koluama Seven Brothers in the statement said it had “no other option than to launch a strike to shut down Conoil” if demands were not met.

According to a report by Reuters, the Nigeria Security and Civil Defence Corps said the blast was heard on Friday around a Conoil pipeline in the Koluama community of Bayelsa, but a patrol check had not revealed any leaks.

No statement yet from Conoil on the alleged pipeline vandals.

Koluama Seven Brothers' demands

The group claimed that Conoil and King Solomon Eddy failed to address the issues behind the Memorandum of Understanding, scholarships, job creation for peace and love of the Koluama clan.

In 2016, pipelines attacks on oil facilities and installations in the Niger Delta region cut Nigeria's oil production by more than half from 2.2 million barrels per day to about 1 million barrel per day. The effect was complicated by low oil prices which slumped the country's economy into recession.

Since 2017, after Nigeria exited recession, the economy has been growing sluggishly and the 2019 budget estimates, according to analysts, is far from the reality.

President Muhammadu Buhari has pegged oil production at 2.3 million barrel per day at a global price of $60 per barrel.

Attacks on oil installations in the Niger Delta will negate oil revenues for the country that depends largely on oil as a cash cow in the midst of falling fiscal revenues.


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