Kenya's entrepreneur of the year shares tips on how to make millennials loyal to your company

Sanjiv shah, RMA Motors-Kenya reveals how millennials made his company one of the most profitable..

Motoring trade business is one of the most dynamic businesses which require creativity and changing with the market with a snap of a finger or else risk running into a ‘no road (business) ahead’ sign.

Thanks to millennials, the whole business has been turned upside down and nowadays consumers are more informed than before on what they want.

“It has opened our mind and also allowed me to bring some of my British and European experience here in Kenya” RMA motors, Kenya CEO, Sanjiv Shah said at his swanky office located in West land’s, Nairobi.

Experience oriented purchase is now a thing compared to technical purchase where  looks where the last thing on a client’s mind as witnessed a while ago, nowadays a client may hold back from buying a car simply based on how it looks, sound of the engine or the colour.

So in an age where millennials are running the show and dictating market trends, What has RMA Kenya done to tap into this huge market and cultivate a loyal base of fans and fanatics of Landover car franchise?

Make Millennials loyal to your brand by making them part and parcel of it

It is really ironical for companies to shun millennials while handing out job opportunities and still expect to rake in sales and be ahead of the pack.

Millennials are currently the largest group of consumers who are consistent buyers of goods and services,  in a bid to appear cool they strive to keep up with the market trends and therefore every year they buy the latest and fashionable item on store. On the other hand Strivers (Old Joes) tend to be safe consumers who hold back from buying the latest items and only replace not even buy stuff when they really need to.

To capture their attention therefore a company ought to also make Millennials the face of their company and incorporate their fresh ideas on what millennials are looking out for when they are out shopping.

“At RMA, Kenya over 50 per cent of the team are under the age of 30yrs old and equally split between male and female. This is because we strive to give young people opportunities and these are arguably the millenians, they bring in fresh ideas and in return we give them opportunities because for an old man like me you know we think about what used to happened and we stick to the safe and what millennials brings to us is adventure and has Rand Rover says ‘Adventure is in our DNA’”  Sanjiv who has been instrumental in ensuring RMA provides multiple opportunities to millennials says.

One of key values Millennials most identify with in life is loyalty; Believe in them and provide them with an opportunity to actualize their dreams and they will be loyal to you forever.

While at time make your work environment friendly and flexible in order to bring out the best in them.

Make Social Media your friend

Millennials are highly visual creatures who ‘eat and live’ by social media. According to a survey conducted by Customer acquisition platform Fluent it found out, 41% of Millennials use Facebook every day therefore it is not rocket science for a company to figure out that it must utilize tools of information such as social media to make sure it stays relevant and trendy.

“We are very active on social media and we are often trending among the top ten, last week for instance when we held a driving test for our Jaguar F-Pace at Jamhuri grounds we were trending in top three, this is because we know the millennials are very active on social media where they communicate with each other and different brands and in so doing they communicate their thought processes and buying patterns to us, so the first thing we have done is make social media very important in our company as a tool for reference while coming up with our strategies and new products.” Sanjiv said.

Sell an Experience and you have Millennials on your fingertips

Millennials also thrive on a hands-on experience in the spirit of YOLO (you only live once) and therefore RMA long in the spirit of adventure long figured this and therefore provides millennial with the coolest experience to opportunity to make them cool while at it.

“In addition, we have about four riding events in a year and you are quite right, millennials love experience oriented purchasing patterns and riding drive offers that. But in addition to that we also offer other opportunities on social media for interacting as well, like ‘guess the sound of the car’ for example which we run. It is a cool experience because everybody is tuning their ears to guess the car and in the process also proof to themselves how car savvy there are which is also fun” Sanjiv adds.


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