Ladies cars are selling like hot cakes because they are better drivers than men and insurance firms are making a kill

Former rally driver and car enthusiast, Sanjiv Shah who is currently RMA, Kenya CEO agrees.

One thing however sometimes sticks out like a sore thumb, a car ad would then add that the car was previously owned by a lady and just like that the price would shoot up through the roof.

Which then begs the question are lady drivers better than their male counterparts?

Former rally driver and car enthusiast, Sanjiv Shah who is currently RMA, Kenya CEO agrees the notion is out there but it is opened for debate.

“There is a myth that ladies drivers are more careful, so when they say (car ads) one cared lady owner it implies that the car has been looked after and it’s in a good condition”

This notion has however been flamed more by Insurance firms who insist lady drivers are better drivers than their male counterparts.

Dan Kigen, an insurance broker based in Nairobi with over five years experience in processing claims, agrees with this analogy and says there is sufficient data to back it up, and even insurance companies have taken note.

“Compared with men, motor insurance claims by lady drivers are less and inexpensive compared to claims by men drivers and therefore insurance companies have taken note and come up with tailor made solutions for ladies”

One such insurance firm which thinks ladies are better drivers is Jubilee insurance, in 2014 it rolled out a tailor made Insurance cover for ladies dubbed Lady Jubilee.

Lady Jubilee motor insurance offers a cash back reward to clients after three years without a claim.

Sometimes however market trends also dictates whether a car would be gender specific in terms of sales.

“Manufacturers don’t manufacture cars specifically for women or men it is how it pans out”  Sanjiv adds.

He points out for instance Range Rover Evogue may be considered a feminine car going by the buying trends while Jaguar F-pace which was launched in Kenya on July 2016 has so far split men and women 50/50 in terms of sales.

Sanjiv says men driving skills are also to blame for the notion.

“I think men tend to be more enthusiastic drivers, they tend to take more risks while ladies tend to take less mileage therefore they have  low mileage cars and they tend to be more careful with their driving styles”

All in all men too can be careful  and take care of their prized toys, ensure they never miss a service date, undertake constant repairs when needed and therefore ladies being better drivers is just but a myth.

Shah further adds that in terms of second hand cars the previous car owner gender is a non-issue.

"It doesn’t really matter in my view especially if it’s a second-hand car to be resold and the car has been reconditioned and prepared well”

One thing is for sure though; the debate whether ladies are better drivers than men will not end anytime soon.


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